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 Vote System Abuse = IP BAN!

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Vote System Abuse = IP BAN! Empty
PostSubject: Vote System Abuse = IP BAN!   Vote System Abuse = IP BAN! EmptyTue Sep 13, 2011 5:10 pm

No more seconds chances.
From now on if anyone abuses the vote system again they get straight IP Bann.

if there isn't for any reason a GM/PM online ingame and you catch anyone abusing
the vote system just post your screenshot on reports and we will deal with it,
and also reward the person that catches the abuser.

If you are scared of getting a bad reputation you can just remove ure characters name
from the screenshot and post it anonymously, or just show any mod or admin on chatbox
or send us a Private Message here.
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Vote System Abuse = IP BAN!
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