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 Best You Ever Had.

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Best You Ever Had. Empty
PostSubject: Best You Ever Had.   Best You Ever Had. EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 4:24 pm

My Suggestion

Before i get started a few things should be changed or fixed

You Should Change:

  • PVP points are too easy to get which will lead to the point where every one will get their level 155 and +12 gears in 2 days.

  • PVP points shouldn't be used for leveling up,it would be better and challenge if they go and experience the whole of the out side area of Twin city try to kill mobs Pk should be allowed out side of TC and Boss should be added.

  • I've experienced a bug in 1 hit Tournies, which is wearing Low level weapon that gives out 1 damage to the opponent, does not kill the opponent.

  • Kill The Captain , when the captain died, the opposing team suppose to win right ? should change that.

  • If Possible i'd prefer CPS instead of PVP Points its just so much better if you think about it carefully.

  • 4th Reborn is not needed, should be in donation list, every one wants to 2 hits each other.

  • Make it as complicate as possible for players to have their gears +12, Level 160 4th reborn

  • Remove all the pointless NPC

  • Noob Manager should be providing gears for new players

  • Remove all Revive Guard would be perfect, more fun, less boring because don't you just love it when you killed 5 of them, looking at their ghosts laughing ? =)

  • Remove Reflects UPDATE*

  • Remove gaining stamina as you jumpUPDATE*

Ill add more as i play.


Potions would be the best thing in PVP Servers, its something that doesn't exist in Conquer (haven't seen any server that have this feature), this is because once a player have his gear +12, Level 160 4th reborn he could be the dominant of the server if he could grab a few potions or the weaker guys could use the potions to kill the stronger ones.

There are 3 Different levels for each potions

Amateur Weak
Semi Pro Medium
Pro Strong


Every one's hair will stay as black until they use a potion, their hair color would change to the color of that potion, this would help players knowing what potion their opponent used. If potion is released, then you would have to work harder on the Guild war section because people would be using potion in guild war the most

This is how potion works:

[NAME] Potion 1
Best You Ever Had. 1060080
Attack increased by:
-Amateur: by 20 %
-Semi Pro: by 50 %
-Pro: by 100%
Defense Decreased by
-A: 10 %
-S: 20 %
-P: 30 %
-A: 1600
-S: 2500
-P: 4500
Duration: 20 Minutes

[NAME] Potion 2
Best You Ever Had. 1060050
Attack Decreased by 20%
Defense Increased by:
-Amateur: 20 %
-Semi Pro: 40 %
-Pro: 90 %
Duration:30 Minutes

[NAME] Potion 3
Best You Ever Had. 1060060
Attack Stay at 0 %
Defense Stay at 0 %
Health Increased by:
-Amateur: 30 %
-Semi Pro: 70 %
-Pro: 150 %
Stamina Decreased by 50%
-A: 1500
-S: 2600
-P: 4500
Durations: 30 Minutes

Feel Free to Tribute ideas.
More Will Be Added As I Play.


If you do add mobs in Twin city for people to level up. then i suggest you add this boss, he should be extremely strong.

Best You Ever Had. 240
Attack: Enough to one hit.
Defense: Extremely Strong.
Speed: Extremely slow.
Type: Melee.
Spawn: Randomly Outside TC.
Time: Hourly, Daily, Every 3 Hours. Which one ?
Reward: PVP points, VERY HIGH Exp points

This is about it for today, Im surely adding more as i play.
Hope You Like It !


Other Users Ideas:

  • TwisT: "and a facebook page for server would be great,facebook is a good way to promote server"
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Best You Ever Had.
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